brakes maintenance and service

We have a unique perspective on brakes. We like to think of cars as people. You have different components, the battery would be the heart, oil would be blood, tires can be feet, and the list goes on and on. One of the most important things humans have is a conscience. That little voice that tells us we are in the wrong, that we have to stop, right? Well, to us the brakes are the car’s conscience. A car brake system is what keeps us from accidents or hurting others. 

However, for some strange reason, many people don’t give brakes the importance they deserve. Most of us can’t even count how many times we’ve heard the screeching noise of someone’s car letting EVERYONE know it’s time for a check up.  Obviously not our cars, right?

Do you have the time, tools, space and curiosity of how to check your car brake pads? If so, here’s a cool  DIY link that will guide you through the steps. Something else in mind? Another person that doesn’t agree with the DIY concept? Give us a call at 210.858.2883. Finally, if you are looking for experts that will help you with the maintenance and service of you car brakes, stop by our San Antonio location, we’re happy to help.

brakes maintenance and service


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